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  60 minutes – $80

  90 minutes – $110

  Reduced rates are available

     upon the purchase of a massage

     package.  Please inquire.


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Swedish Massage: A soothing modality that uses various techniques – including long gliding strokes, circular pressure with hands and palms, firm kneading with palms and forearms, and active or passive movements of joints – to enhance circulation and restore health and well being. These techniques are effective at calming the nervous system and alleviating aches and pains.


Deep Tissue Massage:  Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that addresses chronic patterns of tension in the body that are a result of an injury, postural deformities, or constant stress. In this session we will identify the problem areas and spend time re-balancing the body. Slow strokes and deep pressure will help to release tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue, encouraging your body to feel refreshed and revitalized.


Shiatsu: Shiatsu is a bodywork therapy that is an ancient form of Eastern healing. Chinese methods such as observing, questioning and palpating (touching) are used to assess and evaluate the condition of the mind, body and spirit. The information gained from the assessment will help to create a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. According to your treatment plan, techniques including pressure, range-of-motion and stretching are used to address specific energetic meridians (pathways) in order to promote restoration of health. Traditionally, the treatment requires no oil and is performed on a mat, which lies on the floor, and clients are asked to wear loose fitted clothing. This technique can also be done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. The practice of Shiatsu promotes strength and health in the entire body, enabling you to feel invigorated and balanced.  60 min only



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